Additional Services

Our various additional services can be added to your entertainment package, these are listed below. Video clips can be watched here.


  • Bagpipers –Whether it be a single piper or a full pipe band, this is a great addition to any event. Our bagpiper can perform at several points throughout your event, such as;
    • Pipe to welcome guests as they arrive.
    • Be on hand for some photos with your guests.
    • Pipe guests to the evening meal.
    • Surprise your guests and finish your event in style with a full pipe band!

    Specifically for Weddings;

    • Pipe the bride from the wedding car to the ceremony.
    • Pipe as the bride walks down the aisle.
    • Pipe bride and groom to the top table.

Additional extras include adding a Snare Drummer.

Bagpipe Workshop;

    • Up to 15 guests can join our bagpiper for a 45-minute session to learn more about the bagpipes and try them out!
    • Practice chanters are supplied to learn some basic skills before getting the chance to play the bagpipes!
    • Great icebreaker and a fun addition to a wedding or corporate event.

  • String Quartet – Our string quartet is the perfect backdrop as you walk down the aisle or enjoy a drinks reception. The quartet can perform a range of classical music as well as more contemporary numbers.
  • Singers – We can also arrange for singers to perform during your event.
  • Background/Cocktail/Ceremony Pianist – Our professional pianist can provide background music during your event.

  • Extended PA Hire – We are able to offer our professional sound system for background music, as well as microphones for speeches. The hire of our high quality, reliable sound equipment would include a sound engineer to ensure optimal sound, as well as delivery and set-up.
  • Live Jukebox – Our Live Jukebox, comprising of guitar, drums and saxophone will provide your event with energetic music for guests to enjoy. From classics to modern pop songs, this trio will be sure to get the party started.
  • Caller – Our ceilidh packages will always include a highly experienced dance caller who will talk guests through the dances and allow all guests to get involved. Our excellent dance caller has experience with large groups of guests from around the world and will ensure the steps are communicated clearly and simply to ensure a brilliant night!
  • Harp/Clarsach Player – Our Harp/Clarsach Player will provide elegant background music during any point of your event.
  • Accordion – Our accordion player can perform solo at various points of your event or can be incorporated with the band.
  • Saxophonist – Our saxophone player can entertain guests throughout your event.
  • Classical Guitarist – Our classical guitarist can provide background music during a meal or drinks reception.
  • DJ – We can provide an experienced DJ for both background and disco music as part of our entertainment packages. Requests are very welcome on the night, and if there are particular songs that you would like played, you can provide a list for the DJ in advance.
  • Early Set Up – We tend to set up an hour before we begin playing, however early set up can be arranged for any event.
  • Jazz/Swing Trio – Our Jazz Trio can provide relaxing background music throughout your event.
  • Band Size – We tend to play with 2 Fiddles, Keys and Drums, however this can change depending on the specific requirements of your event. The size of the band as well as the mix of instruments can be changed and tailored to your event. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • Highland Dancers – Our highland dancers can entertain your guests between courses, during an evening meal, or as demonstration dancers during the ceilidh.
  • Lighting – Our ceilidh packages include high quality lighting for throughout the ceilidh and the disco. We can also provide our Room Lighting Package which can help transform a venue.
  • Fiddle Duo – Our Fiddle Duo works brilliantly during a drinks reception, an evening meal, or as guests arrive. The duo can perform acoustically, allowing them to wander around the room and interact with guests. Our Fiddle Duo can perform a variety of music for your guests including Scottish, Classical, and Covers! Similar to our Fiddle Duo, our Fiddle/Piano Duo also works very well.
  • Other Musicians/Acts – If you have any other ideas of musical entertainment you would like to take place at your event, we are more than happy to organise this. Just get in touch.