The Ultimate Wedding Ceilidh Guide – FAQs for 2024

Q: Should we opt for a ceilidh at our wedding?

  • Definitely! A wedding ceilidh adds lively charm to your celebration, creating unforgettable moments for all.

Q: What sets your ceilidh band apart?

  • Our ceilidh band blends tradition and modernity, ensuring a unique and inclusive experience for all guests.

Q: Can you provide a blend of ceilidh and DJ services?

  • Yes, enjoy the best of both worlds with our seamless ceilidh and DJ combo, ensuring a non-stop party!

Q: How long do ceilidh performances typically last?

  • Our ceilidh performances last 2 to 3 hours, ensuring a vibrant and entertaining celebration for your wedding.

Q: What’s the process for booking your ceilidh band?

  • Booking is easy! Reach out, and we’ll start planning the perfect ceilidh experience for your big day.

Q: Can you accommodate last-minute changes to our ceilidh plans?

  • Absolutely! Communication is key. Let us know, and we’ll work with you to adjust to any changes.

Q: Do you travel for destination wedding ceilidhs?

  • Certainly! We love bringing our ceilidh magic to destination weddings. Let’s discuss your dream location.

Q: How early should we book your wedding ceilidh services?

  • Secure your date early! Booking in advance ensures availability and a personalised ceilidh experience.

Q: Can we request specific songs for the DJ set?

  • Absolutely! We love personal touches. Share your favorites, and we’ll make sure our DJ includes these in the set.

Q: Do you provide your own equipment?

  • Yes, we come fully equipped. Just let us know the venue details, and we’ll handle the rest to ensure a smooth performance.