Ceilidh Dance Calling

How do you provide a great ceilidh experience for your event, be it a wedding or corporate event with an audience of all ages, some experienced dancers while others are total newcomers who have never danced in their life? This is a question the Cragganmore Ceilidh Band are often asked.

Our ceilidh band have experience in catering for all sizes of events and expertise, including performing for ceilidhs for the members of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society filled with expert dancers, to a ceilidh at a wedding in Malaysian where many participants had never danced at a Scottish ceilidh before!

The key to a fun, relaxed and enjoyable evening for everyone is our experienced ‘Dance Caller’ who ensures everyone can take part in the ceilidh.

The caller will talk you through each dance, explaining the steps and giving everyone the opportunity to walk through the dance a few times before starting the music. Our dance caller will then continue to talk over the music as required.

The Cragganmore Ceilidh Band perform for a wide variety of dances including couple and set dances, beginning with simpler dances such as a ‘Gay Gordons’ and ‘Dashing White Sergeant’ before moving onto less well-known dances as the evening progresses. At the end of an evening, we would hope to have everyone on the floor participating in an ‘Orcadian Strip the Willow’. We are a friendly and approachable ceilidh band and are happy to play requests. We cover all of Scotland – including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness – and beyond.

Our aim is to cater for all and ensure everyone has a fantastic evening.