Tips on Ensuring a Successful Ceilidh for your Wedding or Party

If you are interested in hiring a ceilidh band for your wedding or party here are a few tips which will ensure that you and your guests have a fantastic evening of dancing and fun.

When you hire a ceilidh band, ensure they have an experienced ceilidh dance caller.
Whether your wedding or party guests are experienced or inexperienced dancers, it is always best to have a ceilidh dance caller who can explain the dances and keep everyone on track once the music has started. The caller can keep your evening moving along ensuring everyone is entertained and feels included from the very young to those who want to take things at a steadier pace. A good dance caller also helps make the evening more enjoyable for guests who prefer to enjoy watching and listening to the evening’s entertainment. The Cragganmore Ceilidh Band always provide a highly experienced dance caller, who will help fill the dance floor and ensure guests feel relaxed.

Space at your venue.
Whether your ceilidh is in the village hall or a top-class hotel, you need SPACE! You will need to ensure that there is space for the band to perform. This will vary depending on whether you hire a three-piece ceilidh band or a four-piece ceilidh band. Most importantly, you will require space for your guests to dance, and enjoy the celebrations! The Cragganmore Ceilidh Band are more than happy to discuss space requirements for your event, just get in touch! The Cragganmore Ceilidh band are very flexible when it comes to the size of your venue/event, and we’ve enjoyed performing at village halls to top class hotels around Scotland, as well as further afield!

Choice of footwear!
Ceilidh dancing can be energetic, so it is important that guests have appropriate footwear for dancing. This allows everyone to get involved and enjoying the evening entertainment (no excuses!). As there can be spinning, turning, and skipping at pace a pair of flat shoes for dancing, as a change from the high heels worn to the wedding ceremony are a must. This also helps numerous sets of toes that might get in your way!

Good communication with the ceilidh band.
Give your ceilidh band as much information as you can about your event, timings, any concerns you may have, and they will accommodate accordingly. The Cragganmore Ceilidh Band are always available to have a chat with you regarding your event, and we make sure we keep in close contact from the first enquiry to book the band, up until your event is finish! In terms of timings etc., don’t worry if things aren’t finalised, you can book the band and sort out the finer details nearer the time of the event.

And Finally,
A group of guests/participants (of almost any age) who are open to having an evening of fun and laughter will definitely enjoy a Scottish Ceilidh. A ceilidh is a great way to get everyone up on the dancefloor and celebrate in style!