Why Hire a Scottish Ceilidh Band for your Wedding?

Our ceilidh band are often asked to explain what type of event a ceilidh is and why it will help make their big day a huge success.

So here goes ……

Firstly, what is a ‘Ceilidh’?

Ceilidh is a Scottish Gaelic word which means ‘gathering’ and traditionally it was a social event where people met in a house or hall to tell stories, listen to music, sing folk songs, and if space allowed, people may have danced.

The word ‘ceilidh’ is pronounced ‘kay-lee’.

A ceilidh today is a traditional dance night where everyone can take part whether you have never danced before or are an experienced dancer. A ceilidh is fun for all ages from the children to great aunt’ Jean’ who can enjoy a slower dance or enjoy watching the fun and listening to the wonderful variety of music. The reason why a Scottish Ceilidh Band is a fantastic choice for your wedding reception is everyone can take part and it’s a great way of getting people to mix and meet new people.

What Ceilidh Dances will your Wedding Ceilidh Band Perform?

There are a variety of ceilidh dances, some fast, others slow, some for couples, others for sets or circles. From a slower St. Bernard’s waltz, to a fast and furious ‘Orcadian Strip the Willow’. Ceilidh dances are designed so that guests can take them at their own pace, the younger guests can gallop down the lines while others may prefer to walk more sedately.

Some dances you may have heard of and potentially learnt at a Scottish school, are those such as the Dashing White Sergeant, the Gay Gordons or an Eightsome Reel. Others may be less well known but are great fun to learn such as The Circassian Circle. You can find a full list of ‘Our Ceilidh Dances’ on the ‘Home’ page of our website.

The key to a successful ceilidh is to make sure your wedding ceilidh band have an experienced ‘dance caller’, a ceilidh band musician who will teach everyone how to do the dances and continuing to give instructions as you go. The caller will ensure everyone is well entertained and has an evening of fun and laughter to remember. The Cragganmore Ceilidh Band always provide our highly experienced dance caller who has called ceilidh dances for large groups of people from around the world. In an friendly and encouraging manner, our ceilidh dance caller will put evening wedding guests at ease, ensuring everyone can get involved and that your special night is a huge success!

The evening entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. The Cragganmore Ceilidh Band understand this, and as such, guarantee to provide you with musical entertainment of the highest calibre, making your wedding enjoyable and memorable for all your guests.